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Spring silk socks!

21SS silk socks

Silk has a long history, and it is said that sericulture began in China about 4500 BC and eventually spread all over the world through the Silk Road. And it has been fascinated and loved by people as the best clothing material. In addition to its elegant luster and supple feel, it also has excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties, and its unique characteristics.

Every spring, Il Regalo announces a new collection of silk socks. Why do we recommend silk socks in the spring? That's because we think it's perfect for the dry season, when it's still cold, even though it's spring.

Silk has a fine porous structure in itself, and can contain a lot of air between the fibers. Having a lot of air rooms makes it difficult to convey the cold outside, and even if it is thin, it has excellent heat retention.

In addition, it is said that the protein component called "fibroin" contained in silk is useful as a measure against dryness. Is this why it feels moist when you wear silk?


Would you like to wear something new with the arrival of spring?

When the long winter is over and the warm days come, you will want to take off your heavy coat and put on a light jacket. At that time, I changed my socks. Am I the only one who wants to wear beautiful colors to enjoy the new season?
The beautiful luster and color are unique to silk.

Now, let me introduce our new socks in the spring of 2021.

Silk shadow rib socks  ¥ 3,300 ( tax included )

The point is that, while being a regular sock, some accent color comes from the ribs, which gives it personality.

Delicate and unique silk paisley socks . ¥ 3,300 ( tax included )

The fine paisley pattern is the icon motif of Il Regalo. The elegant luster unique to silk enhances the overall coordination.


 New silk socks are recommended in the spring.

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