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[Interview with Mr. Takeshi Itake, Deputy Manager of Scotch Grain Ginza Main Store (2nd)]

Thank you for waiting!
We will now post the second part of the interview.

-Which Scotch Grain shoes do you like? -
The shoes I'm wearing today (Imperial Prestige 959BR U-tip).
We use the finest French calf called Alluy made by Anoney of France.

-Why do you love them? -
Maniac that I am, I thought the shape and design of the foot matched best.
I also like the small details, for example the way the expression changes as you polish the shoes, the compatibility of the form, wooden patterns, and design.

-Which socks are you wearing today? -

-(We took a quick look) Oh, Il Regalo's herringbone. Thank you! -

-What is the point of today's socks? -
I chose them because it's getting colder and they fit the wool jacket.
I was wondering if the texture would match.
These socks are easy to use. Color is good!

-Thank you! There are some beautiful colors in Il Regalo,
 Indeed. In winter, there are many dark clothes, so I think it's a good color.

-At Il Regalo, the relationship between shoes / socks / trousers is important. What do you think? -
I often wear boots but, since the pants are short, I can see the socks,so it is important that they match.
I think that if the socks are fashionable, they look cool overall.

-I want to see that outfit too! After all, socks are also an important item to coordinate. -

-Which of the IL Regalo socks do you recommend? -
COBALT BLUE of Reversible OTC socks.

It's a shadow stripe so, while basic, you can see color inside the ribs, and that makes it cool.

-Which socks are popular with customers?
As expected, reversible OTC socks!

-Lastly, please tell us about your future goals.
I'm studying now, but as a professional I will have a lot of knowledge that I would like to transmit our customers.Personally speaking, rather than having a customer buy because it’s me who sells, I’d prefer not be in the picture at all and see him choose naturally a shoe that fits him perfectly.

-I think there are many people who want to sell at all costs.
When choosing shoes, we often talk to our customers about what can be said about shoes in general rather than emphasizing Scotch Grain products. We believe that if you chase after sales too much, you will not be able to sell shoes that really fit the customer.The store manager told me about customer service, "In the end, what is important is that customers go home with comfy shoes, and if that happens, they will be happy." Since then, I have been able to talk to customers without worrying too much. I believe that honestly giving our knowledge to customers will get you repeaters.We will continue to deal with our customers honestly.

-Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today, it was a lot of fun!
Hope to meet you again.

We would like to thank Scotch Grain’s Mr. Mikawa, Mr. Itake of the Ginza Main Store, and all the staff for their cooperation.

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