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8×2 Rib Over-the-calf Socks | Interview

Today we are welcoming an elegant guest wearing a pair of basic 8x2 rib over-the-calf socks that combine the good materials and comfort to wear that Il Regalo values so much, hoping to be able to deliver all his charm.

Mr. Y.K. has a deep knowledge of classic menswear and is a loyal user of Il Regalo. The designer Junko Okabe Baldessari interviewed him about his commitment to over-the-calf socks, as he wears nothing else.

Mr. K.Y., works in Tokyo.
Hobbies: travel

Designer Junko Okabe Baldessari graduated in Textile Design at the Tama Art University.
Hobbies: Calligraphy


— Okabe (O): Today you wear a nice navy suit, but what about your socks?

Y.K. (Y): Navy ribbed over-the-calf socks.

— O: Do you always wear over-the-calf socks with a suit?

Y: Yes, socks for me are basically over-the-calf socks. Mid-calf socks don't feel right. I feel like they are coming off and I'm uncomfortable.

— O: So what are your criteria when choosing over-the-calf socks?

Y: I've worn many OTC socks so far, but the ones 100% in cotton are not to my liking because they tend to sag on the ankles. I felt that synthetic fibers were thick and impaired the wearing comfort. Il Regalo’s are beautiful because they do not sag easily, and comfortable to wear because they are thin. In addition, the pressure is just right, so you can wear them all day comfortably.

— O: Thank you. The material of these Il Regalo OTC socks is 100% cotton yarn from Italy, but the back side is knit together with ultra-fine elastic nylon yarn. So it fits nicely and feels like it sticks to your feet.

Y: I was surprised at the fit. I wish all people who like clothing could experience it.

— O: I'm a little disappointed by people who wear elegant suits, but with socks that sag.

Y: Il Regalo's texture is just right.

— O: Thinness is also important, isn't it?

Y: Thin socks are obviously better and will enhance the feel of quality shoes. Some people say it's easy to make holes in thin socks, but I think it’s just that your shoes do not fit well.

— O: You mean your socks are rubbing against a shoe?

Y: I don't know exactly, but I think there's rubbing or tensioning somewhere. As a matter of fact, when I was wearing shoes that didn't fit my feet, it was easy to see holes open, regardless of the thickness of the socks. Since I started to pay attention to shoe size, I get no holes. For me, the reason for buying new socks is not a hole, but the color coming off, but Il Regalo is economic because color doesn’t come off so easily.(laughs).

— O: This Italian thread has gone through a special process called mercerizing, which gives it a silky luster and improves dye ability, so it is dyed in a deep and beautiful color. The fact that the color does not come off easily is related to its processing.

Y: I see.

— O: By the way, is the suit you are wearing tailor-made?

Y: I had it made about eight years ago.

— O: I think that navy suits are fundamental among men's suit styles, but what do you pay most attention to, when having a suits made?

Y: I'm most weary of wrinkles. I don't say anything about the delivery date, but don’t want wrinkles (laughs). If there are no wrinkles, it fits my body, so it's easy to wear. It doesn't make sense to spend many times more money on an uncomfortable suit than on a ready-made suit.

— O: I see. That's the kind of commitment one has precisely because it's a basic style. This is where Il Regalo is aiming at, too. Looks are important, but I like to make something that makes one think "Oh, this is good" when you wear it.

Y: I have about 20 pairs of navy 8x2 rib over-the-calf socks on hand, but I would like you to develop different colors besides other black and gray.

— O: We are already producing black, navy and grey, but which colors would you like?

Y: Brown and burgundy. Or green ...

— O: Nice! Appropriate if you dress casual. Let’s see. If you were to match green socks, what would you do?

Y: Gray trousers on a navy jacket are too easy an answer (laughs). In spring and summer, brown linen suit or solaro, and in autumn and winter,  a dark gray flannel or brown tweed. I would match it with brown suede shoes. As you said, it's easy to match fabrics with textured things, especially country-like ones.

On the other hand, I think green is as versatile as navy, and not difficult to match, so that on Christmas you could wear it with an elegant suit.

— O: That's nice. Actually, we are planning to develop new colors around September. There is also green in it. In time for Christmas!

Y: Really? I'm looking forward to it (laughs)

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8 (flat knitting): 2 (ridge knitting) balance is a basic knitting method that creates a moderate shade of vertical lines.

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