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Khish the Work Exhibition

Il Regalo has collaborated with and sponsored the first Khish the Work exhibition of Ken Hishinuma, a shoemaker known for making great shoes.

Thank you, Mr. Hishinuma!
It was a wonderful exhibition where both shoe and sock makers shared the same strong desire to spread the joy of wearing leather shoes. Many people who visited the exhibition were fascinated by Khish the Work's wonderful shoes.
My impression of Mr. Hishinuma at the exhibition was that of a humble and charming person, but with a strong will he put in every word he said.
The shoes on display were delicate, carefully crafted, and detailed, yet bold and unique.
Each pair of shoes had an elegant "sexiness" to it, which is also what Il Regalo's designer Junko Okabe values the most, while the socks placed next to the shoes emphasized their brilliance.

Follows an introduction to the shoes and socks that were on display.

Punched toe cap in Navy museum calf & Paisley Over-the-calf Socks (PURPLE)

Black, calf × suede, classic × modern, Adelaide & Classic Paisley Over-The-Calf Socks (D.GREY)

Boar Brogue in Wild boar leather & Shadow Ribbed Silk Socks(GOLD)

Cordovan fully hand-stitched Derby & Tweed Plaid Socks (NAVY)

Vintage Balmoral & Sparkle Stripe Socks (WINE & GOLD)

Hand-dyed 2eye Derby & Two Face Socks (KHAKI)

Beautiful sole

We pray for Mr. Hishinuma's continued success in the future.

Hishinuma's YouTube

Hishinuma's blog ▼

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