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Shadow Herringbone Socks

The Shadow Herringbone Socks introduce a modern interpretation of the classic male herringbone pattern.

The regular herringbone pattern has been rendered with a larger pitch and a slight rhythmic change.
Since the pattern is somewhat bold, we expressed it only in shades of a single color, making the socks easy to coordinate. The use of fine Italian cotton yarn makes the luster stand out even more.

This season's color of interest, "OLIVE," is a nuanced color that could be described as "gold with a green tinge," and will go well with brown suits and shoes, as well as beige pants. For those who already have brown socks, we recommend this color as the next best choice.

The deep "RED" can be enjoyed as an accent color for your outfits, as if it were an accessory.

"NAVY" and "M. GREY" can be easily coordinated with your existing navy or grey suits.

Although they look plain from a distance, when the socks peek out if the legs are crossed, they give an impression of extra elegance.

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