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Reversible Bi-color OTC Socks

The concept of socks that can be worn inside out is a hallmark idea of Il Regalo, and now introducing the new design of reversible socks. These new Reversible Bicolor OTC Socks reveal glimpses of the other color through delicate rib stitches, creating unique shadows and a distinctive look. Various expressions emerge from the combination of colors on both sides. The collection offers a range of six colors, featuring bold combinations and subtle monochromatic pairings.

Let's start with the bold color combinations.


This is a bold combination of strong colors, but when worn, it creates beautiful shading. It might seem daring at first glance, but because these socks peek out just a bit from your shoes, why not take the adventure? It might be my favorite color combination as a designer.


The deep brown and red combination usually blends well. These socks pair excellently with brown shoes and offer versatility. Wearing them with the scarlet (red) side out adds an accent to your outfit.


A slightly yellowish brown paired with vibrant green. The combination of brown and green is always a winner. It complements earth-toned clothing, from dark brown to light beige.

There are also subtle monochromatic pairings.


Classic navy paired with a bright blue in the same color family results in an elegant finish. The use of shiny cotton threads deepens the blue's shading, elevating these navy socks to a higher level.


Vivid pink paired with soft ecru transforms into a gentle pink when worn. There are various shades and intensities of pink, and it's often hard to find one's favorite. It would be great if it's your preferred shade of pink.


Pairing ecru with camel is a theme of this season. It looks more mature and elegant than plain white socks, adds a touch of casualness to your outfit, and creates a light, airy atmosphere.

Did you find any favorite color combinations among them?
Why not try out the unique Reversible Bicolor Socks?

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